Kenai Fjords Tours

From towering ancient glaciers to abundant marine wildlife, Kenai Fjords National Park is a dynamic and scenic sanctuary that blankets over 600,000 acres of immaculate wilderness. 

The most popular way majority of visitors access Kenai's wild shores and nature are by day cruises or by taking flight over the impressive Harding Glacier and Kenai Coast. The aquatic wildlife that dwell in the ocean depths are aplenty and many cruises in the area specialize in searching for whales breaching the surface or spotting sea lions, walruses, seals and Arctic birds. 

Visitors can be educated on the distinct marine species that inhabit the region at the SeaLife Center for a more in-depth understanding of these creatures and their rehabilitation. For those who seek to pioneer nature's playground, many suitable outdoor tours such as sea kayaking, river rafting, hiking, fishing and bear viewing make Kenai a cornucopia of adventure and a perfect day trip from Anchorage.