• Alpine Lodge

    For a small town (even if it is the second largest city in Alaska) in a relatively remote location, you might be surprised by the high quality of Fairbanks accommodations. Hotels here offer lots of amenities, thoughtful service, and distinctive touches to make your stay fun, comfortable, and memorable.

    Choose between downtown hotels near shops, restaurants, and historic sites and those near the airport with lovely gardens and views of the Chena River. All offer dining options and free shuttle services.

    Travel Tip: Check our Web Specials page before booking your stay at any Alaska hotel.

  • Enjoy great views, fine dining, and an Alaska art collection at Pike's Waterfront Lodge on the Chena River.

    Enjoy lovely, locally-owned accommodations on the Chena River as you explore Fairbanks, the interior, and arctic Alaska.

    Whether you are traveling on business, fishing, or sightseeing, our staff will help you have the time of your life!

    Setting the standard for elegance, style, and service in the Golden Heart City.